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On this site you will find  kitchen glassware and utensils from the Depression years as well as some things that pre-date the Depression. This is not the glass that sat in the china cabinet for 363 days of the year, these are items that would have been found in your grandmothers or great-grandmothers kitchen and were used there on a daily basis. Almost no glass is perfect, but Depression glass was cheaply and quickly machine made in a wide variety of colors without much care being taken with the quality of the pieces.  Please keep in mind that these items are old and most will show some wear and/or manufacturing characteristics such as bubbles, straw marks or impurities. I will always disclose any chips, nicks or unusual wear.  

We DO NOT stock any reproduction glass. All of our items are guaranteed to be old and original.

My wife and I have both collected and sold Hoosier and Depression Era glassware for many years at antique malls and other venues but have now decided to concentrate our sales efforts on the internet. Finding quality items, or putting a complete set of glassware back together the way it was originally sold can take years of searching often without much success. Here, I've done the legwork for you and I try and offer the best examples that can be found.

Feel free to ask for more pictures or information

Range Sets with Flour and Sugar Shakers and/or Drippings Jars

Range Shakers

(Salt and Pepper only)

Table Shakers

Eggbeaters, Whips and Mixers

Canisters and Canister Sets


Spice Racks and Jars Measuring Cups, Pitchers and Jars Syrup and Sugar Dispensers Cast Iron and Tin Kitchen Items Reamers, Butter Dishes and Odds N' Ends

We have moved some of our items to their own web-pages


HoosierCabinet .com

Featuring a variety of Hoosier Cabinet Items


Featuring a variety of antique coffee grinders or mills

Click on any of the pictures below to visit our other web-page featuring Original Hoosier Glassware, Cabinets, and Original Parts

Including items manufactured by Hoosier, Sneath Glass, Sellers, McDougall and other manufacturers

Click on any of the pictures below to visit our other web-page featuring a variety of early coffee grinders and mills.

Including items manufactured by Arcade, Enterprise, Landers Frary & Clark, Parker, Steinfeld, Wilmot Castle, Wrightsville Hardware Co. Along with other coffee related items.


Payment - To keep our prices reasonable, we prefer payment by personal check or money order. Payment by VISA or MASTERCARD may also be made via PAYPALŠ. Contact PAYPALŠ http://www.paypal.com for information on how to establish one of their convenient accounts. If you wish to purchase more than one item using PayPal, please contact me first with the items you are interested in, and I will send you an invoice for all the items combined. To pay by check or money order my mailing address is;

HoosierCabinet.com   P.O. Box 374  Weare, NH 03281

Please let me know what you are interested in by email before sending a check or money order so I can guarantee that the item is still in stock and place it on hold for you.

Shipping - Is currently limited to the United States. All of my items are very breakable and although I pack very well, I'm not 100% positive that it is enough to survive overseas travel. All orders (except original advertisements) are shipped via USPS Priority mail, with a minimum charge of $4.70. Insurance is required as all of our items are very breakable. We never charge a handling fee, only actual postage. Lost items may not always be available for replacement, in which case a refund will be issued.

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