Depression Era Kitchen Range Sets with Flour and Sugar Shakers and/or Drippings Jars

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Range Sets

McKee Chaline Blue Range Set - Salt, Pepper, Flour and Sugar Manufactured by McKee in the 1930's and referred to as "Chaline" you could consider yourself lucky if you were to find one or two pieces of this range set in a lifetime. The condition of the shakers is very good with even wear on the lettering. The lids are original and in good condition with some minimal denting. The pepper lid has a small ding in the thread area so it doesn't quite screw on as far as it should and the sugar lid appears to have enlarged or drilled out holes (it's better than grandpa going at it with an ice pick). The lips were ground at the factory and there is some chipping around the inner lip area with the salt and sugar having more than the pepper and flour (see last picture) there are no other chips or cracks to report. The front lower right corner of the sugar has a thin area where the glass didn't flow as thickly as it should have when manufactured and so is more opaque than the rest of the shaker. I'm being very picky in my description as I don't want there to be any surprises, but I think you'll look long and hard before you find a better set overall.

Item No. 3399

Hazel Atlas Range Set Green Embossed - Salt, Pepper, Flour and Sugar This set dates from the 1930's and is almost never found with all four pieces together. If you want a complete set they usually have to be pieced back together as I had to do with this set. All the glass shakers in this set are in good condition with no chips or cracks. The lids are original, screw on and off easily and have only some minor dents. The flour shaker has some minor cloudiness on the inside of the base and the pepper has a bit of grunge that will clean up below the embossed "Pepper" (I didn't notice it until after I took the picture). They measure right around 4 1/4" tall as do most of the range shakers from this time period.

Item No. 1653-3085-3301-3522

Jeannette Delphite Range Set - Salt, Pepper & Drippings Jar A hard to find original set of Jeannette Delphite (blue) salt and pepper shakers with an original drippings jar. Both the salt and pepper have original lids with some very minor dents in the sides. There is some slight loss on the salt printing, some swirls with slight color variations and some mold lines in the glass that is typical with this glassware and is from when it was manufactured but all the glass is chip and crack free.

 Item No. 2677-3362

Hazel Atlas Range Set Black Label - Salt, Pepper, Flour, Sugar & Drippings Jar The most common color in this style, but still hard to find as a complete set. This complete original set includes Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Flour shakers along with a Drippings jar. The jars are all in very good condition with no chips or cracks. There is a slight bit of roughness around the lip on the Drippings but this is from excess glass being forced out of the mold during the manufacturing process. The original lids are in good shape with some light dents. The fired on lettering is in good shape with some light wear mostly on the Salt and Drippings jars.

 Item No. 3364-2945

Hocking Green Salt, Pepper, Flour, Sugar & Drippings Jar This is a full set of Hocking green glass shakers and drippings jar. Included with this set is a sheet of reproduction peel and stick labels (some people want them, some don't so I leave them off). The lids are original, have some minor dents but screw on and off easily. The glass is bright and clear with no cloudiness. The only things to report being a couple of small chips under the lid on the lip of the Drippings jar.

 Item No. 1083

Anchor Hocking Red Flower Pots Salt, Pepper, Flour, Sugar & Drippings Jar Probably the most commonly seen set made by Hocking in this style, this is a very nice complete range set of Red Flower Pots shakers and drippings jar. The lettering and images were fired on so it is not a decal and will not wash off.  The lettering along with the images are bright and bold with almost no paint loss. The original lids have been repainted and are in good shape with minimal denting. Grandpa didn't go too crazy with the ice pick on the flower shaker, but some of the holes were slightly enlarged. The lid on the grease jar has one small chip on the inside of the lip shown in the last picture. 

Item No. 3244

HazelAtlasGreenBadgeSPSFA.jpg (38940 bytes) Hazel Atlas Range Set Green Label - Salt, Pepper, Flour and Sugar This set is difficult to find  with either the green or red labels.  These shakers have good original lids and no chips or cracks. There is some very slight paint loss on the pepper label and a slightly stained area of the glass on the pepper. Sold
2567HazelAtlasScriptA.JPG (41016 bytes) Hazel Atlas Script Salt, Pepper, Flour & Sugar This set came in this large 4 1/2" size and a smaller set of shakers and spice jars was also produced. This set is in good shape with the lids having been repainted at some time. The lids have some very minor denting but screw on and off easily.

Item No. 2567

Mckee Roman Arch White Shakers - Salt, Pepper, Sugar & Flour A nice set of Mckee Roman Arch White Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Flour shakers with script style fired on lettering. This set was available in a wide variety of colors such as Skokie green, Delphite blue, Custard, Black, as well as fired on colors. These shakers have their original lids that screw on and off easily and are in good shape for the most part except for a heavier dent on the Sugar.

Item No. 3365

Mckee White Range Shakers - Salt, Pepper, Sugar & Flour A set of McKee White Range Shakers that includes a Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Flour with fired on lettering. They have their original, large, what I've always called mushroom style shaker tops that have some dents but screw on and off easily and measure almost 5" tall. The lettering that is worn on the shakers that were used the most but is still easy to read. They have no chips or cracks.

Item No. 3228

Art Deco Range Set  A nice deco range set made by an unknown manufacturer that I would date to the 1930's. The set is in overall very good condition with new corks in the bottom fill holes. The pepper writing is slightly more worn than the rest, the bottoms are dark from sitting on the stove and there is a chip in the left lower corner of the flour shaker that is shown in the enlarged pictures.

Item No. 2173 

3083HockingVitrockSP&DrippingsA.JPG (40753 bytes) Hocking Vitrock Salt, Pepper and Drippings Jar This set of Hocking Glass Co. shakers was available in a variety of colors. This set still has it's original lapels and lids along with the little tags identifying them as "Vitrock" (milk glass). The Drippings jar was matched up with this set of shakers and it's label shows more wear than the Salt and Pepper. The original lids are in good shape, with the pepper shaker having a dent on the right side but it still screws on and off easily.

Item No. 3083

1998HockingIvorySP&DripppingsCanisterA.JPG (42871 bytes) Anchor Hocking Salt, Pepper and Drippings Jar A nice set made by Anchor Hocking in the 1930's and marked by the manufacturer around the outside edge of the lids. There is some fading and minor paint loss on the lids but these are getting very hard to find in good condition. No chips or cracks in the glass.

Item No. 1998

14242839HADutchSkatersSaltPepperDrippA.JPG (40367 bytes) Hazel Atlas Range Set Skating Dutch  - Salt, Pepper & Drippings Jar This set was sold in either blue green or red. The shakers are in very good shape with  no chips or cracks and good original lids. The Drippings or Grease jar is an extremely hard to find item which appears to have some very slight fading of the color but is very clean and has no chips or cracks.

Item No. 14242839

Tipp City Range Set - Salt, Pepper & Drippings Jar These shakers are usually found with just the salt and pepper in a red and blue combination. This set is a harder to find solid red along with a matching drippings jar. The manufacturer of this set is unknown but it is believed that Tipp did the decorations. The lids were sandblasted and repainted in a color that is close to the original. The original boat decorations are in good shape and the shakers and jar are free of chips and cracks.

Item No. 4021