Reamers, Butter Dishes and Odds n' Ends

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Reamers or Juicers with Measuring Cups

A & J Pitcher and Reamer

A & J Pitcher and Reamer

This is an A & J pitcher and reamer with their symbol (A & J in a diamond) and "Patent applied for" embossed in the base. These were used with both reamer and beater tops, this one appears to have a few beater marks about 1 inch up from the base on the interior (there are no measure marks on the pitcher)

Item No. 


Paden City Party Line Pink Measuring Pitcher and Reamer

This is a very hard to find four cup Paden City "Party Line" measuring pitcher and reamer in pink glass. These very commonly have some chipping to the spout, rim, foot and reamer but this one is in much better condition than most with just a few minor blemishes that I want to mention and which are all shown in detail when you click on the picture. There is some very minor chipping around the lip of the reamer top where it inserts into the top of the cup (the blob that is between the 2/8th" and 3/8th" mark on the ruler going downward is one of the ribs from the opposite side showing through and not a defect). There is a small bruise or blemish above the foot of the measuring cup. And there is also a small scratch in the glass about two inches below and to the right of the spout. Overall this shows very little wear and likely spent most of it's life on a shelf being used very little.

Item No. 4005-6


624718USGlassReamerA.JPG (39240 bytes)

U S Glass Measuring Cup and Reamer

A very nice U.S. Glass Co. depression green glass slick handle measuring cup and reamer combination. The measuring cup has no chips or cracks but the reamer top has rough areas around the base where it makes contact with the cup. It has two nubs on the reamer that fit into notches on the measuring cup.

Item No. 624718


Hocking Glass Measuring Pitcher and Reamer

 Hocking Glass Measuring Pitcher and Reamer

This is a Hocking Glass Co. four cup measuring cup/reamer in depression green glass. The measuring pitcher is in great shape with no chips or cracks and the reamer top has some very minor chips on the bottom wavy edges of the reamer.

Item No. 1215592


Hocking Glass Company "Vitrock"
        reamer/measuring cup

Hocking Glass Company "Vitrock" reamer/measuring cup

Hocking Glass Company produced this two cup reamer/measuring cup in the 1930's. Both the measuring cup and the reamer top are embossed with "Vitrock". The measuring cup is in wonderful shape with only one small factory flaw on the rim. The reamer has a 1 1/2" chip on the underside of the reamer and some straw or stress marks in it but it still displays nicely.

Item No. 1652


Butter Dishes

Hazel Atlas Clear Criss Cross One Pound Butter Dish

This is a very nice clear glass butter dish in the criss cross pattern made in the 1930's by The Hazel Atlas Glass Co. It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The glass is bright and shiny with no cloudiness.

Item No. 3079


Federal Glass Co. Clear One Pound Butter Dish

This is a clear glass butter dish made in the 1930's by The Federal Glass Co. It has a ribbed pattern with "Bottom" embossed in the base. There are no chips or cracks to report but there is a line diagonally across the bottom that I believe was caused by some impurities in the glass when it was made.

Item No. 3990


Federal Glass Co. Amber One Pound Butter Dish

This is the same butter dish as the one shown above but in amber glass. It also was made in the 1930's by The Federal Glass Co. It has a ribbed pattern with "Bottom" embossed in the base. There are no chips or cracks to report but there are a few lines in the glass from manufacture and four small honest wear marks on the corners of the top that make me believe that this was used upside down for a while.

Item No. 2931


Hazel Atlas Milk Glass One Pound Butter Dish

This is a nice Hazel Atlas white or milk glass one pound butter dish. It has "Bottom" embossed in the base and "Butter Cover" embossed on the lid. The only thing to report is a small chip on the lip of the top (shown in the first and last pictures).

Item No. 2061


Hazel Atlas Cobalt Blue Glass One Pound Butter Dish

This is a very rare Hazel Atlas cobalt blue depression glass one pound butter dish. It has "Bottom" embossed in the base and "Butter Cover" embossed on the lid. Finding these in good condition is getting to be almost impossible but I was told that this one came from the estate of an ex Atlas employee and it is in exceptional shape. The only thing to report on this is a tiny flea bite on the bottom lip that may have been there from the day it was made (shown in the last picture).

Item No. 4001


Odds n' Ends

White King Soap Dispenser

This is a soap dispenser given away by the White King Soap Co. during the depression years. It is embossed on the glass and on the metal base with "White King Washes Everything" It features a spring loaded push button that dispenses a measured amount of soap powder every time it is pushed. There are no chips or cracks in the glass and the dispenser works well. The screw on dispenser mechanism has some surface rust and pitting but is in good original condition. It is 5 3/4" tall. White King sponsored the "Queen for a day" television show during the 1950's.

Item No. 4074


Gibson Defrosta Jar

This jar was used in early Gibson refrigerators. I haven't been able to find out any information as to what exactly they were used for, but I am assuming they were used to catch the runoff when defrosting the refrigerator. If anyone knows for sure please let me know. I have used one for years in my kitchen as a catch all for spatulas, large spoons and other utensils that just won't fit in the drawers. It is similar in design to Colonial style Hoosier glassware with panels on the sides and a space where it is embossed with Gibson Defrosta Jar on the front. It is in very good condition with only some very minor flea bites on the rim.

Item No. 4064


Home Soap Company Soap Dispenser

This is a shaker made to dispense powdered soap made by the Home Soap Company of Pittsburgh, PA. It has a  special lid with extra large holes that allowed the soap to be shaken out so it could be used for laundry, dishes or other washing chores. Years ago people used one type of soap for many different uses rather than the multitude of specialty cleaners that we have today. This shaker was most likely made by either Hazel Atlas or The Hocking Glass Co. There is a surface chip under the "P" in Pittsburgh and the lid has some denting.

Item No. 4004


Imperial Milk Glass Rolling Pin

Made by  Imperial Glass of Cambridge, Ohio this rolling pin is hard to find in good condition. This one has no chips or cracks in either the glass or wood, is embossed on one end "Imperial Mfg. Co. Cambridge Ohio Patented" and the wooden handles are in very good condition.

Item No. 4070


Silvers & Co. Clear Glass Rolling Pin

This is a rare clear glass rolling pin manufactured by Silvers Brothers out of Brooklyn, NY who also manufactured glass canister beaters, churns and other kitchen utensils. It is embossed on both ends with "Silvers" "Brooklyn" and is in very good condition with no chips or cracks. The handles on the wooden shaft unscrew which would enable the user to insert ice for making pastry. It does have one thin scratch about 4" long across the glass and one dimple in the glass that is from when it was manufactured.

Item No. 4018





2795NarOFoldNapkinHolderBlackA.jpg (38582 bytes)

Black Nar-O-Fold Napkin Holder

This is a hard to find black glass Nar O Fold napkin holder. The outside is embossed with "Property of" at the top and then "Nar-O-Fold" across the center. Around the circle is embossed "National Paper Napkin Company" and "Trade Mark" above and below Nar o Fold. Below the circle it is embossed "Chicago Reg. U.S.A.". It has one small chip on one of the outside corners which is shown in the third picture. It measures 5" wide 2.5" deep and 4" tall at the curved ends. 

Item No 2795


Milk Glass Nar-O-Fold Napkin Holder

Not as rare, but exactly the same as the napkin holder above except in milk glass. There are some lines in the glass and one chip on the rounded upper lip.

Item No 3564


Large Milk Glass Hanging Salt Box

Large Milk Glass Hanging Salt Box

A large and heavy wall mounted salt box with a hinged wooden lid. This salt has the original lid, but I had to install new hinges. When I got it there was only one hinge left and it was put on incorrectly in the center of the lid. So I filled the screw holes and put new brass hinges back in their original location. This salt box is 4 1/2 inches from the base to the top of the lid with a 6 inch diameter.

Item No.


A&J Chopper

A&J Chopper

This is an A&J four cup chopper that looks to be in unused condition. There is some minor loss of the finish on the metal part from sitting around all these years, but the paint on the handle, the glass and the wooden block in the bottom look like they were produced yesterday.

Item No. 1514