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Tipp City "Basket" Spice Shakers with Rack This is a very nice set of Tipp City "Basket" shakers with it's original rack in all original condition. The spice jars on the lower portion of the rack tilt forward for easy access. There are no chips or cracks on this set and it retains the original red paint with white interior and trim on the lids. The spice names and decorations are fired on rather than decals so they will not wash off. They are only very slightly worn and look as if they were used very little. The rack has some small rust spots and is on the verge of needing a fresh paint job but my first choice is to always leave items in their original condition.

Item No. 4007

Tipp City "Black Leaf" Spice Shakers with Rack This is a set of Tipp City "Black Leaf" spice shakers with their original rack in all original condition. The lower rack on this set tilts forward for easy access to the jars. The spice names and decorations on the shakers is fired on so it will not wash off and the paint on the rack and lids is in original condition with only a few blemishes and a few areas of paint loss on the lids.

Item No. 3559

Dutch Childs Spice Container with Spice Tins Item No. 2387 $75.00
Dutch Spice Shakers with Rack Usually attributed to Tipp this set still has good fired on graphics and the majority of the original Dove spice labels on the back although parts of some are missing. The lids and rack were very worn and rusty when I got it so the  were stripped down, repainted and the jars were carefully cleaned so as not to disturb the original paper labels. Now it's a very nice set that anyone could proudly display.

Item No. 2880

Hazel Atlas Dutch Spice Shakers Set of 6 A very nice set of 6 Hazel Atlas Dutch Shakers consisting of a Salt, Pepper, Flour, Sugar, Spice and Tea all with shaker lids. The lids have been repainted and are in very good condition with the exception of a very small dent in the flour lid shown in the second to last picture. The only other thing to report is the lettering and image on the salt is slightly worn. I do have some single shakers of this style available if you are in need of one or more.

Item No. 2261-2263-2298-2300-2427-2459


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Hanging Spice Rack

 Unknown Manufacturer

This set took me over three years to complete and I have never seen another complete example. It is a very early spice rack that I would date to right around the turn of the century. The jars are embossed in a script style with tin lids and they clip into the hanging rack. The jars included are Mustard, Pepper, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Allspice, Mixed Spice, Caraway, Cloves, and Ginger. I also have four duplicate jars for this rack (Ginger, Caraway, Mixed Spice and Cloves) if you are in need of one or more. Sold